​House Bill 410 Summary:

In December 2016, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 410 changing the law for “habitually truant” and “excessively absent” commencing with the 2017-2018 school year. Global Village Academy has amended and adopted policies that are required by law.  

Absences are divided into two categories, “Excessive Absences” and “Habitual Truancy."  Absences will be documented in hours, not just days; so tardiness is also a factor.  For this purpose, 1 day equals 6.25 hours.

1) Excessively Absent is defined as:
        • Absent 38 or more hours (approx 6 days) in one school month with or without a legitimate excuse; or
        • Absent 65 or more hours (approx 10 days) in one school year with or without a legitimate excuse

Students deemed “excessively absent” in either of these circumstances will be sent a letter from the school district notifying them of excessive absences. No further action will need to be taken at that time, but further action may be required if the absences continue.  

2) Habitually Truant is defined as:
        • Absent 30 or more consecutive hours (approx 4.5 days) without a legitimate excuse; or
        • Absent 42 or more hours (approx 6.5 days) in one school month without a legitimate excuse; or
        • Absent 72 or more hours (approx11 days) in one school year without a legitimate excuse.

Students deemed “habitually truant” in any of these circumstances will be turned into Global Village Academy’s attendance officer. The attendance officer is required to contact the parent regarding the date and time of a meeting set by the school’s Absence Intervention Team (AIT) that the parent is required to attend. Failure to attend may result in the school district contacting Children’s Services. During this meeting, the AIT will develop an Absence Intervention Plan that parents will be expected to take part in. The school’s AIT will monitor and evaluate the intervention plan during implementation. Failure to follow and meet the plan requirements will result in the district filing an official complaint in juvenile court. 

Regular school attendance is a key factor for student success. Missing too much school has long-term negative effects on students, such as lower achievement and graduation rates.
GVA Attendance Policy

Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, irregular attendance is the major reason for poor schoolwork; therefor, all students are urged to make appointments, do personal errands, etc., outside of school hours. 

The Board does not believe that students should be excused from school for vacations or other non-emergency trips.  The responsibility for such absences resides with the parent(s), and they must not except any work missed by their child to be retaught by the teacher. 

Reasons for which students may be excused include, but are not limited to:
        1. Personal illness of the student;
        2. Illness in the student's family;
        3. Death in the family;
        4. Quarantine for contagious disease;
        5. Religious reasons;
        6. As determined by the Superintendent (only extraordinary circumstances, not vacations) 

Parents must notify the school on the day a student is absent unless previous notification has been given in accordance with school procedure for excused absences.

        1. If a parent or student knows ahead of time that a student will be absent from school, excused             or unexcused, the parent shall submit a “Prearranged Student Absence Form”
                        a. Click HERE for the form
                        b. This form is also available in the main office 

        2. If the absence is NOT known ahead of time, the parent shall notify the school via telephone:
                        a. 216-767-5956
                        b. If no one is available to answer the phone, parents should leave a voice message.

        3. Medical verification may be required for any excused absences due to personal illness that
            exceed 60 hours in a school year, or after 5 consecutive days of an absences due to illness. For the             purposes of verifying excused absence for personal illness, medical verification will be defined as a             statement by a licensed physician or psychologist that a bodily or mental condition exists which does             not permit school attendance.

Excused Absences: 
Each student who is absent must immediately, upon return to school, make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) to make up work missed. All work should be made up and makeup work will be accepted in all grades.

Un-excused Absences:
For an unexcused absence due to pre-arranged family vacation, lost work will be considered "neutral" (counting neither as credit nor as outstanding) in terms of grading. Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by State law may, or may not, be permitted to make up work. Each case is considered on its merits by the principal and respective teacher(s).